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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Is Carrot Allergy For Real ?

Carrot Allergy

Carrot Allergy
Carrot Allergy

The term “carrot allergy" almost smacks of blasphemy; the thought that the carrot, one of the nutritional superstars of the vegetable kingdom, could cause an allergic reaction is almost beyond belief. In this country, the United States, you'd have to travel far and wide to find anyone who suffers from a carrot allergy. Even individuals who suffer allergic reactions from other types of food, usually have no problems whatsoever with eating a carrot or two.

It's not the same story in Europe however where a fair percentage of those suffering from food allergies count carrots as one of the food types that gives them a problem. Since carrot allergies are more prevalent in Europe than in America one can only assume the environment, if not the culture, is somehow to blame. It has been determined that those who have a carrot allergy are also allergic to other food types belonging to a rather specific set. For example, there are Europeans who are allergic to celery and consequently allergic to carrots as well. There is a synergism of some sort at work. Yet few Americans have this problem.

Birch Pollen? - There is something that sheds some light on this mystery however, and that is pollen, specifically pollen from the birch tree. Apparently birch pollen coming into contact with the carrot plant creates a condition in which the carrot becomes an allergen to some people. Many cities and towns in Europe, especially northern Europe, have large numbers of birch trees. Much more so than is the case in North America. The species of birch may play a role as well, although there is little documentation regarding this possibility. In any event, a carrot allergy is something that some Europeans are rightfully concerned about, though most Americans need not be particularly concerned about.

Symptoms of Carrot Allergy

Symptoms of a carrot allergy can include itching, especially in the mouth and throat, and hives. Itchy or watery eyes are also one of the more common symptoms, as is a coughing or wheezing spell. In more severe cases, an asthmatic attack may occur, and in the most extreme situations a person may go into anaphylactic shock, an emergency situation which can be life-threatening.

Toxicity Vs. Carrot Allergy

In this country we are more apt to hear about cases of carrot toxicity rather than carrot allergy, although this too is rather rare. Carrot toxicity usually corresponds to an overdose of vitamin A, which the carrot is particularly rich in. An excess of beta carotene in our system, which the carrot is also rich in and well known for, can also be bad, the skin can turn orange, and even yellow. The condition is temporary if ingestion of carrots is halted, but the orange or yellow skin is not a sign of health, but rather is a warning of too much toxicity in the body. This condition, called carotenemia, indicates the presence of toxins in the liver, something you neither want nor need.

Have A Carrot For Lunch 

For 99% of us, carrots are an excellent part of our diet, full of good nutrients and many other beneficial compounds. Carrots in fact are one of the few vegetables which are just as healthy cooked as they are when eaten raw. While eating raw carrots is good for us, our digestive system can't process all the nutrients in a raw carrot efficiently. Cooking the carrot resolves this problem, in part anyway. Most of us never eat enough carrots, raw or cooked, or drink enough carrot juice, to ever run the risk of overdosing on vitamin A, or having a toxic reaction of any kind occur, and most of us never will have to worry about suffering from the effects of a carrot allergy.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Purple Carrot Juice Many Times More Powerful

Purple Carrot Juice:

Purple Carrot Juice
Purple Carrot Juice

Beet juice still remains a powerful force the secrets which are far from being unlocked. It is, after carrot, one of the principle juices in the scientific discipline of natural healing as practiced on earth. The chlorine present in beet juice acts to regulate digestion by controlling your peristalsis or natural rhythmical contractions in the gut and, because about this, the assimilation of food before recovery is much assisted.

Uncooked beets keep rather better than many vegetables. If you cook beets one must always avoid damaging or cutting the skin. If this happens the red color will leach out in the cooking water leaving the cook with a very pale beet with unattractive appearance. If the skin is accidentally damaged the leakage of color is going to be very much reduced in the event you add a few declines of lemon juice or cider vinegar to your water.

The darkness green beet tops really discarded because they are containing more carotene and in minerals. They may be juiced in small quantities for an addition to other juices, whilst steamed they generate a good and cheap alternative to spinach.
Energy boosting fresh juice has powerful healing and rejuvenating properties which can help people with skin problems. Evidence illustrates that juicing helps the organs and the body cleanse itself, which brings about a softer and healthier looking complexion. Our skin is this body's largest organ so taking care of the skin can be carried out by a diet which combines balanced diet with fresh juicing.

The following free recipes contain fruits and vegetables, which are known to market and enhance the skin color. Using juicing recipes for an additional treatment for skin care deserves the best create, preferably organic. These recipes may not be cures for major skin color concerns but consuming fresh organic juice will assist in better looking together with healthier skins. When you make juicing an organic and natural part of your daily diet you will notice a difference in increased energy in addition to a healthy complexion.


A healthy diet with energy boosting vegetable juice recipes will give the best treatment for skin care.

Vegetable 8

1/2 Tomato

1/4 Cucumber

1 Carrot

1 Celery stalk

Handful Spinach

1/2 Crimson Pepper

1/2-Cup Cabbage

1 Green Onion

Really powerful skin healer, protector and cleanser.

Skin Heavy

2 Beets (with leaves)

2 Cucumbers

5 Carrots

Carrot juice is a wonderful treatment for sunburn.

Carrot Rose (Purple Carrot Juice)

4 Carrots

1 Beet

6 Romaine actually leaves or Dark Green Lettuce

Several Spinach leaves

4 Sprigs parsley

This is a blood re-generator, high with iron and chlorophyll.

Skin Tonic

1 Cucumber

2 Sticks of Celery

1 Small to medium sized to medium clove involving Garlic

Origin Ginger - 1 inch

Cucumber juice is beneficial for skin care as it is rich in your mineral silica, which is good for the complexion and skin color elasticity.


Juicing for skin care will result in detoxification, weight loss and healthy looking skin.

Runners Rise

3 Oranges

2 Pears

1 Compact yam

Oranges improve skin texture, moisture and reduce body heat.

Skin Better

5 Oatmeal

2 Big carrots

1 Good sized stick of celery

1 Cucumber

Apple Company and cucumber encourage consistent satin skin.

Clear Face

2 Cups spinach

1 Cup of parsley

4 Oranges

Spinach is containing more iron and orange juice is filled with vitamin C, which work wonders for a clear complexion.


Fruit juices make for a excellent morning energy boost.

Melon Mover

1 Cantaloupe

5 Ice cubes

Dash with cinnamon

Canteloup are powerful agents in the fight against skin cancer.


8 Strawberries

Several oz Green or green grapes

Contemporary juices hydrate and overcome dry skin.

Citrus Grind

1 Pineapple

Two Pink grapefruit

2 Lemons-juice and rind

2 Limes-juice and rind

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps promote healthy skin. 

If you have any info concerning the health benefits of carrot juice and/or purple carrot juice, we would love to hear from you.

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Carrot Tanning Oil - Multiple Properties and Benefits

Benefits of Carrot Tanning Oil

Benefits of Carrot Tanning Oil
Carrot Tanning Oil Properties and Benefits

There is a pronounced for healthy products like carrot tanning oil:  Despite the increasing warnings against sun tanning and melanoma, if you drive along the beaches of Florida, you will see hundreds of people working on their tans. How can they all be ignoring the warning? Perhaps they aren’t -- they simply believe the commercial sunscreens will fully protect them from skin cancer. But they are usually wrong, because the bulk of products, while preventing sunburn, don’t adequately protect against harmful UVR.

The arrival of carrot tanning oil should be welcome for these sun worshipers and the 60% of adults under age 25 who, according to surveys, state that they have actively sought a tan outdoors or in tanning salons.

That’s because studies indicate that carrot tanning oil is considerably more effective at protecting against skin cancer than typical commercial products, when used in combination with a sunscreen. It protects against damaging UVR better than products containing mineral oil. Conventional products prevent sunburn, but don’t protect adequately against UVR.  Carrot tanning oil with concentrated carotenoids, activates the body’s ability to fight against the cellular damage of the sun.

Carotenoids are the natural ingredient in carrot oil that have more antioxidants than any other natural or commercial product. Because of the high level of antioxidants and vitamin E that exists naturally in carotenoids, the skin is ultimately protected from cancer, when used with a sunscreen.

Not only is carrot tanning oil a better shield against the suns’ harmful rays, but also it makes you tan faster (than conventional tanning oils).   This is because of the natural bronzy color of the carrot oil. If the amount of carrot oil within a tanning product is 2 to 10%, you will achieve the rich color you desire from your sun tan product.  If it is less than 2%, you won’t get the desired results. To be sure you have potent carrot tanning oil, apply some on your skin.  The color should be visibly golden and not orangey if it has a high enough concentration of pure oil.

Carrot oil is a recommended ingredient in all natural homemade skin care lotions and oils.  It is a moisturizer, so it’s like getting 2 products in one, sun lotion and moisture lotion. The botanical name of the primary ingredient is dancus carota sativa, carrot root extract. It is often blended with jojoba oil and aloe vera, and these combinations serve to reverse free radicals effects.  Specifically vitamins C and E, aloe vera, and carrot oil are a combination that strengthens the skins’ ability to defend against sunrays.

Carrot oil is being added to big commercial manufactures’ tanning products, and many other skin care creams and oils, and was first introduced in 1997 by a company devoted only to skin care products made with carrot oil.

Made from distilled oil of carrot seeds, carrot oil works to bring out the melanin in your skin - the property that makes you tan darker and faster than conventional oils or lotions. Melanin is simply a brown skin pigment.

Carotenoids can be taken in pill form or in topical form, and either kind enhances the skins UVR fighting ability, and quick and even tanning properties.

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How Many Carbs in Carrots

Carbs in Carrots

Carbs in Carrots
Carbs in Carrots

People who are dieting are often worried about the carbs in carrots. They are worried that the nutritional value does not out weight the carbohydrate intake they get from carrots. That is why you need to know how carbs in carrots will affect you.

According to Medtronic’s carbohydrate calorie counter, a serving of carrots has anywhere from four to twenty-two grams of carbohydrates. Like other root vegetables, Carbs in Carrots.  To fully appreciate why carbs can be perceived as a problem to your diet, you must first understand what carbs are.

In a nut shell, carbs or carbohydrates are the source of energy for the body. For every gram of carbs you eat, your body breaks it down into four calories. It is impossible not to consume carbohydrates. When consumed, your body turns carbs into sugar. They are found in almost every food item. Because your body is unable to throw away carbs, you simply store them the same way that fat gets stored.

That is why people who are strict on their diets avoid as many carbs as they can. Other food items high in carbs include, bread, pasta, cereal, potatoes and many others. Carbs can also be broken down into two categories. Carbs found in milks and meats are known as simple carbs. Carbs found in carrots and potatoes are known as complex carbs.

Intake Carbs in Carrots

Of course there are numerous solutions to high carbohydrate intake. One of the worst decisions you can make is to cut carrots out of your life altogether. First, you can try to simply cut back on the carrots. Instead of eating a cup of carrots, try eating a half of cup. You can even go one step further and dice a quarter cup on throw it on a salad. There are plenty of reasons why you should look past the carbs that carrots carry.

First, you should eat carrots because they are high in nutritional value. Carrots may pack a lot of carbs, but they are also rich in vitamin A and C. Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system, strengthen blood vessel and fight off scurvy.

Another nutrition plus that carrots have is the amount of fiber they have. Among many things, fiber is great for your health. By eating a carrot, you will be able to move out excrement easier. It makes your stool softer. This helps prevent hemorrhoids. Lastly, the fiber in carrots can help lower cholesterol and help prevent many different diseases.

Carrots also help your eyesight. The retinol in carrots is converted into retinene. When your body does this, it allows your nerves to be more sensitive to darker light. This, in turn, allows you to see better at night.

When you consider what you get out of a carrot, you must look past the carbs. They are high in vitamin C and A; they help your body overall and will help you see better in the dark. Lastly, carrots can help balance almost any meal into a healthy nutritional meal. For example, carrots are a great vegetable that can accompany your beef stews, various fish plates, and standard meat and potatoes. If you are worried about consuming too many carbs, make the cuts elsewhere.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

8 Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting

8 Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting and Veggie Juice Fasting

Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting
Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting

There are lots of Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting (and other fresh fruits and veggies), specifically if you make all of these juices yourself:

#1. In the event that the juice is consumed fresh, the carrot juice (or other freshly made juices) abound with many healthful enzymes, that is beneficial your body.

#2.  Unlike popping out of a carton, the carrot juice is actually fresh rather than pasteurized. Pasteurization several have the conveniences however it provides led to nutritional dead food items. Throughout pasteurization, high temperature is utilized which damages the essential nutrients inside the drink. If you want the Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting, you must avoid pasteurization.

#3. A person who consumes much more vegetables through drinking compared to consuming. While you possibly possess experienced, it's not necessarily achievable to consume as numerous veggies while you want. Consuming fresh veggie juice assists look after this issue.

#4. Digestion as well as assimilation from the veggie nutrients is a lot simpler. Bodies are as a matter of fact, just like a juicer. Once you new celery, your system will certainly digest the actual celery through extracting the actual juice to find the diet. The actual fiber is actually eliminated through the intestinal tract and intestinal actions. But in case you juice, you might have currently extracted the particular juice to the entire body thus making it simpler for the intake. Nevertheless, it?s even now crucial that you consume whole fruits and vegetables since you require some quantity of dietary fiber too.

#5. Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting:

It provides your gastrointestinal system an escape. Because homegrown fruit and also vegetable fruit juices require small digestion, and therefore are rapidly assimilated into the entire body. The majority of the 10% with bodily power normally involved with your own assimilation, digestion, and also elimination is actually freed upward. The outcome? You are feeling a sense restored energy following the quick.

#6.Another Benefits of Carrot Juice Fasting, is that it helps you to additionally break up poisonous materials: fat, irregular cells and also tumors, and launches diseased cells and the mobile products to the flow for reduction.

#7. On top of, brand new cell development during as well as is activated and faster since the needed proteins are usually re-synthesized through decomposed cellular material (during autolysis). Your own serum protein reading, which is blood-protein level, continues to be constant as well as normal of our own quickly or maybe you entire body very intelligently uses proteins as well as other saved nutrients wherever required.

#8.  Juice primarily based is really an a lot gentler procedure for cleansing when compared with drinking water primarily based. For any fruit juice fast, an extensive number of vegetables and fruit must be utilized in mixture which is essential to improve health throughout the quick. On this manner, your body continues to gets it is daily unhealthy calories from your easily-digested fruit juices when compared with the greater severe water quick. Thus, the discharge connected with toxins from your body fat cells within juices fast is more soothing and constant.

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Top 5 Benefits of Carrots

Benefits of Carrots

Benefits of Carrots
Benefits of Carrots

Bugs Bunny loved them and so should you; there are many wonderful nutritional benefits of carrots.  Carrots are plants that grow underground as a root, exposing only the green feathery leaves on top.  Traditionally they are orange in color, but can also be found in:

  • White Carrots
  • Red Carrots
  • Yellow Carrots
  • Purple Carrots

There are over 100 varieties of carrots ranging not only in color, but also in size from as small as two inches up to as long as three feet.  Imagine pulling that one out of the ground!

When selecting an orange carrot, they should be fairly straight, firm and a bright rich color.  The more vibrant shade of orange will give you the most benefits as it contains the most beta-carotene.
Benefits of Carrots

Carrots with a larger core are generally sweeter.  When stored properly, carrots will last quite a long time.  They should be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator and away from apples, pears, potatoes and other vegetables and fruit that tend to produce ethylene gas because it turns them bitter.

In addition to being a handy snack to eat on the go and delicious cooked, carrots have some other great benefits as well.

1. Carrots prevent heart disease – Those who are on a high-carotenoid diet have a reduced risk of having heart disease by up to 60%.

A study of 1,300 elderly people proved this theory in a case study in Massachusetts.

2. Carrots improve your vision – Your mother probably told you about this growing up whether she believed it or not, because chances are, her mother probably told her the same thing.

It is not just a rumor that carrots protect your vision, especially your night vision. Beta-carotene turns into vitamin A in your liver where it then makes its journey up to your retina. At your retina, it is turned into rhodopsin, a purple pigment necessary for night vision.
Benefits of Carrots
Benefits of Carrots

Beta-carotene also protects you from macular degeneration and cataracts, which happens to be the number one cause of blindness in older people.

3. Carotenoids optimize your health – Another great benefit of carrots is that a large intake of carotenoids can decrease different forms of cancer by up to 50%.

By eating only one carrot a day you cut your chance of lung cancer in half. It is interesting to note that the National Cancer Institute says that men without alpha-carotene in their diet have a higher chance of developing lung cancer than women.

4. Carrots are good for your colon – In addition to the benefits of carrots you get from beta-carotene; carrots also contain falcarinol that reduces the risk of many cancers.

A study on animals that had colon cancer induced were observed and some included falcarinol in their diet. The ones that received the falcarinol had a reduction in the growth of the tumors while the others did not.

5. Carrots make your lungs healthy – If you smoke or if you are around second-hand smoke, then eating carrots could virtually save your life.

Vitamin studies have shown why some smokers don't develop emphysema and others do. It comes down to their diet and consumption of certain nutrients. If you smoke or are around people that do smoke, you should add carrots to your daily scheduled snack!

Carrots are a versatile vegetable that can be cooked different ways; they are great added in soups, stir fry and stews.  They're great for dipping in vegetable dip and you can throw them in a bag as a handy snack while you're driving. There are many benefits of carrots and they are an easy food to add to your diet without much extra preparation.

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