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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Laxative Weight Loss | Laxatives for Weight Loss Tips

Laxative Weight Loss

Laxative Weight Loss
Laxative Weight Loss
What are laxatives? Laxatives are used to clear your bowel movements in the morning, if you suffer from constipation.  When you heard from your friend that she was undergoing Laxative Weight Loss treatment you were pleasantly surprised. That same night when you searched the web for relevant information, you were astounded with the results. When a person takes laxatives, the laxatives stimulate the bowel activity in his body. This stimulation prevents the large intestine from absorbing any form of minerals and water. Thus when laxatives are taken the process from food intake to the process of bowls being expedited is undertaken very fast. Thus basic process of the body absorbing food is prevented and thus you get to lose weight fast in this laxative weight loss treatment.

What are the different kinds of laxatives which can be used for weight loss?

Dieter’s team or slim tea is a type of laxatives which encourage weight loss. Both these laxatives remove toxins from the body and with a fast bowel movement, the natural process of calorie absorption for the functioning of the body movement is stopped for some time. Thus you tend to lose weight in no time. Here are some laxatives discussed in more detail which are:

Slim Tea or Dieters Tea

This popular tea has been strongly advertised to remove the extra flab, especially for women. The slim tea or dieters contains castor oil, aloe vera, buckthorn and other ingredients which posses the essential laxatives elements that encourage quick bowel movement and weight loss.   When you intake slim tea its ingredients would stimulate the bowel movements and you would have diarrhea. Slim tea or dieter’s tea also helps in burning the extra fat, reducing stress when consumed and curbing a voracious appetite. Japanese University conducted a research on slim tea and the findings revealed that slim tea has better results in burning fats, than the popular green tea.

What is the effect of laxatives on a women’s health?

Women’s healths are more complex than men. Some health experts are of the opinion that when women use the Laxative Weight Loss treatment, they sometimes suffer from fertility problems. Some women who had used laxative to lose weight had complained about their menstrual cramps. The truth is overuse of laxative would lead to fertility problems. Gynecologists have advised pregnant women to stay away from these laxatives especially as the ingredient senna is not good for their health. The same health advice is also extended for women who want to conceive.

What do laxatives do then?

Many people recommend this laxative weight loss treatment to friends. But laxatives do not help in reducing the weight of your body. Water compromises a portion of your body weight. The frequent occurrence of diarrhea, due to large laxative intake causes loss of water from the body. When large amount of water is lost, there is reduction of weight which the weight loser happily relates it to the loss of body weight. But the original weight of the person comes back within two days. Most people are so happy with their weight loss that they do not weigh themselves after a few days.

Are there any extreme side effects of using this weight loss treatment?

As mentioned that the weight loss due to water loss in the body is a temporary phenomena. But when you are using large amount of laxative, you can suffer from extreme side effects which are:

•    Fluids are removed from your intestines

When you are using laxative to enjoy weight loss, the intestines are not absorbing minerals and fluids. Thus after some time there is no fluids in them. This is a very dangerous situation and might create health situations like fatigue or heart attack in extreme cases.

•    Your Colon behaves abnormally

When you use laxatives in large quantities, you are suffering from diarrhea. Thus the colon stops working and causes constipation. You have to now consume more laxatives, to restore your bowel movement on a regular basis.

•    Growth of Malnutrition in your body

When you use laxatives for weight loss over a period of time, you would suffer from malnutrition. This is because the essential minerals and nutrients are not absorbed in the body. Thus one should be careful.

The best advice here is to exercise and have a healthy diet to reduce your weight. If you are using laxatives to lose weight it is best to consult your physician over this matter.

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