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Thursday, August 17, 2017

What to Expect From a Standard Visit to the Gynecologist?

What to Expect From a Standard Visit to the Gynecologist?

Visit to the Gynecologist
Visit to the Gynecologist

Let’s cover the basics first, shall we? You may know by now that the gynecologist’s main focus is women’s reproductive health; that means birth control, treatment of STDs and sexually transmitted infections, and just the overall health of your reproductive system and organs. Obstetricians on the other hand focus on pregnancy and both the woman and the baby’s health during that period and after birth for a certain amount of time; they also get to help you bring your child into this world. Ob-gyns are the best of both worlds because they get to do all of those things combined.

Ob-gyns are going to walk you through some of the most important moments in your life as a woman, including birth control, childbirth and menopause. They’re also the ones who can do cancer screenings, treat the aforementioned infections and also perform surgery for problems involving the pelvic organ and the urinary tract.

It can be quite intimidating for some women to go to their ob-gyn appointments, especially if it’s a first time. It can be a bit embarrassing and nerve-wracking to have a doctor look into the most private parts of your bodies, the ones you reserve only for very special people and yourself. Another thing that can be difficult for some women is the discussion of certain issues or doubts. We know, so because we know this can be an issue, we have some tips that will take the edge off; if you know what you’re expecting, you’ll be better prepared for it and there will be no reason to be nervous; after all, no one knows best about how to help you than these doctors. So don’t run away!

Choose an ob-gyn you trust completely


This is a very important part of the process because given that you’re entrusting them with the most sensitive parts of your body, you should really think your ob-gyn choice through and through.

Don’t close your eyes and randomly choose a name from a list or an ad; talk to your friends, your family, or your primary physician instead! Your primary physician will most likely have the best referral source given that he’s already familiar with your medical history and will be able to point you in the right direction.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing your ob-gyn, and I’m certain that the question at the top of the list is whether you want a male or a female doctor. It goes without saying that some women are more comfortable choosing a female ob-gyn, not just because if you think about undressing in front of a doctor it makes it a bit easier to imagine them as a woman, but also because there’s a lot more room for comfort if you’re dealing with someone from “your own team” who probably had the same reservations you once upon a time. Plus, it’s a bit easier and less embarrassing to talk about female issues with a fellow female; that’s just how it is! But this is totally up to you, whoever makes you feel safer and more comfortable should be your primary choice, regardless of genre.

Perhaps one of the best advices we can give you is to meet you ob-gyn to-be before you make a definitive decision; that way you’ll make sure that it’s the right fit and that you feel comfortable. It’s also the perfect moment to ask about everything you need to know; medical experience, stances on reproductive issues, certifications, and anything else that might help make your decision easier. Ask any and every question that makes you feel comfortable as their patient!

What to expect during an appointment?

The right age to start seeing an ob-gyn, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), is at 13 or 15 years old, or as soon as you become sexually active. If you’re a teen, don’t panic! The first visit is only a talk, no exams yet.

If it’s time to see your ob-gyn, make sure you avoid sexual activity or practices such as douching for a 24 hour period prior to your appointment; why? Because these things could irritate your vagina tissue and affect test results.

So, you’re in your ob-gyn’s office; the first thing on the agenda is a general health check which includes weighing you and taking your blood pressure, and it can sometimes also include urine and blood tests.

Then you’ll move on to the physical examination part where you’ll be asked to undress and they will give you one of those little gowns that open in the front. The first thing that your doctor will do is ask you a few questions about your personal health history as well as your family’s.

You know what comes next: the pelvic exam. Your ob-gyn will first examine the outside of your vagina for any abnormalities, that means looking into your vulva and vaginal opening. Then your doctor will examine the inside of your reproductive organs, for this you’ll have to bend your knees and place your feet on the stirrups to keep them spread apart; the ob-gyn will use a speculum which is a tool that holds your vagina open for them to look at the inside of your vagina, your cervix and its walls. This is not a painful process, although you might feel a bit of pressure; your doctor will always let you know how a particular procedure should feel. Just relax! Trust your choice, you’re in good hands.

Another standard procedure during a pelvic exam is a Pap test which consists in taking a sample of cells from your cervix with the help of a small brush; those samples will be sent to the lab to be screened for cervical cancer and other things. If you’re sexually active, another extra text would be an STD test for diseases like HIV, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. For this, the doctor will take a swab of tissue during your pelvic exam or check your blood tests results; it depends on what they’re looking for, but they’ll probably do a general check.

See? It’s not as bad as you think! You’ll get used to it, you just have to get that first time out of the way and be completely aware of the fact that every woman goes through it and it’s completely common and routine. Your doctor is not going to take a look at your private parts and go out running and screaming! Also, they will definitely not make you feel stupid about any doubts you may have.

On the contrary, take advantage of your online obgyn appointments and talk about all of the things you need to talk about and ask all of the questions that might arise. No one knows best about sexual and reproductive health than the specialized doctors at your disposal.

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