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Friday, July 7, 2017

Kate Upton’s Magnificent Diet and Lifestyle

Kate Upton’s Magnificent Diet and Lifestyle

As one of the most well-known and attractive models, Kate Upton made it big after her appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2012. Fame followed immediately after that. Most recently, she has appeared on three various covers of the magazine Sports Illustrated. As far as her personal life goes, she is engaged to Justin Verlander. Her current motivation for the ultimate fit life is her nearing wedding date, for which she wanted to look her best and at the same time set a tempo for living an overall healthy lifestyle.

Like all well-known models, Kate has a secret to keeping her figure in check and we want in on it. Since her wedding date is approaching, it is obvious that she will be giving her all to maintain her figure by staying fit and eating healthy.

Steps to a Better Regime

Kate knew that the safest way to develop the best version of herself is to become completely focused, fit and have a lean nutrition plan. Therefore, she took this very seriously. As one might expect, her main secret is her healthy eating habits. Nourishment of the body is of utmost importance to her and lean protein is the key thing in her diet.

In order to keep up with everything, Kate has a special delivery system in which food is brought to her by order and it usually includes 4-6 ounces of lean protein in every meal she consumes. Since Kate dislikes red meat, most of her meals consist of salads and veggies with various white meat. On a statement for E-Online, Ben Bruno, her personal trainer, opened up about the matter and shared the scoop that Kate mainly focuses on vegetables, white meat and fish, and brown rice.

The Importance of the Diet

One of the main things to remember about Kate’s diet is that she has banned processed food and sugar altogether. This part of her diet plays a vital role. When picking between two “cheat” courses, she explains that she does not choose to have wine and donuts for example. The key is to only choose one. She even splurges on a donut while working out, so she seems to have it all planned out quite well.

The biggest focus that seems to take part in Kate’s diet is balance or steadiness. This gives her the freedom to include either the wine or the donut in any meal she prefers instead of binging on “cheating” foods for a whole day. Focus and perseverance are her key strengths, so treating herself to a donut occasionally is definitely the prize she deserves.

The Ultimate Fitness Regime

When it comes to the fitness regime that Kate focuses on, her main concern is continuous advancement. The best way to succeed in this goal is to focus on becoming better and stronger after every workout. She starts her regime with horizontal band walks, extending and occasional lunges. Bruno explain to E Online that she usually has a habit of doing strength-training exercises in the morning hours and cardio in the afternoon. What seemed to surprise her trainer most is the fact that she trained as much as his other athletes, tremendously improving from 180 to 500 lbs. in just 8 months.

Mainly, her regime includes hip thrusts, lunges, dead lifts, sled pulls and complete body workouts. Kate usually succeeds in finishing her workouts without taking any breaks and includes cardio exercises as well, while finishing up with conditioning workouts.

Modifications Made for a Better and Healthier Lifestyle

The real secret to Kate’s ultimate accomplishment in regard to her sleek body and healthy lifestyle was mainly her mindset. She chose to become healthier first and then put in the work. In a statement she made for E Online, Kate stated that her successful results came from changing the way she excercised and the fact that she concentrated on weight training in the first place. In this way, she managed to shift her way of thinking by viewing her body as a machine as opposed to somethng that can be arbitrated by others.

The key thing to remember in Kate’s success story is that she changed her way of thinking as well as her diet, which in turn made her a more well-known model than she already was. Her well-toes figure is becoming more and more popular as she improves.

Working out in Good Company

Kate is very competitive and has an inner drive, especially when it comes to her competition with Chelsea Handler. Working out is a lot easier when you have good company. This is why Kate sometimes brings her dog, Harley along while she is working out or hiking. Harley even has his own Instagram account.

She can be spotted taking pictures of her dog while doing her exercises and is always on top of her game. Although Kate is self-motivated to keep her body in its best form, she enjoys spending time with Harley, who is also an additional motivation.

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