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Monday, July 24, 2017

The Effect of the Correct Amino Acids on Mood

The Effect of the Correct Amino Acids on Mood

Effect of the Correct Amino Acids on Mood
Effect of the Correct Amino Acids on Mood

According to Julia Ross, a psychotherapist, you have false moods and real (true) moods.

If you’re feeling depressed, anxiety, have no energy, explode with anger, have addictions and can’t seem to experience joy and loving feelings, all these are false moods. You aren’t supposed to feel this way and have these moods. Instead, you should be feeling love, peace, happiness, and contentedness, the true moods.

Does this sound like it could be one of your health issues? Your moods, according to Julia are not based on your will. They’re based on what’s happening inside your brain from what you are eating – or not eating.

Psychotherapy Is Not the Cat’s Meow Mental Health Solution – Until Nutrition is Added

Julia found out that her clients could go through hours, months, and even years of psychotherapy without a major breakthrough – and she wasn’t happy with this type of results. She began hiring nutritionists to help her out – and they developed a diet high in protein, healthy fat and vegetables that provided plenty of amino acids for the brain.

The result was that their brains started producing higher levels of neurotransmitters – and their moods changed almost overnight. Initially, it took 10 weeks for the results of a good diet to eliminate the majority of the bad false feelings they were feeling. But many of them gave up on the battle because 10 weeks was too long to wait. (They tended to be impulsive.)

So Julia and her staff did additional research and found out that the four major neurotransmitters of the brain – serotonin, GABA, catecholamines and endorphins – needed all 22 amino acids, but especially 5-6 amino acids. When they began offering an amino acid cocktail to clients in the waiting room, these patients started getting better rapidly – and all their psychotherapy sessions started paying off.

Are You Surrounded By Family Members with False Moods?

Now imagine if you are in a bad situation in your family – something horrible happens and your husband starts flying off the handle, someone else in the family begins uncontrollable crying, and someone else starts grabbing the bottle of alcohol and sips himself to sleep. You don’t have a dysfunctional family here – you have a deficiency of amino acids. If you could only give them all the amino acid cocktail, life could move forward – and you all might laugh about what just happened.

I believe every family on earth – especially in America needs her book called The Mood Cure. 43 million people are prescribed antidepressants – when what they need is amino acids! That 43 million is one out of every 4 people in the United States.

Depression Drugs CAUSE Suicide!

The problem is that Prozac and other antidepressants called SSRIs are linked with suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts, especially in kids. Here the people are taking medication to cure depression – and a major side effect is suicide! Who does this make sense to?

It’s Your Neurotransmitters Out of Kilter – Now Find Out Which One is the Culprit

In Julia’s book, she has pinpointed what’s wrong with different people’s neurotransmitter levels via a quiz you can take. Once you know what neurotransmitter you need, flip over to the chapter that gives you the solution to your new true moods.

Here’s a summary of the different chapters in her book:

  1. What are the effective, natural alternatives?
  2. Antidepressant forum – DVD clips from her lectures
  3. Scientific evidence for the alternatives to antidepressants
  4. The undisputed adverse effects of antidepressant drugs
  5. Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms (By the way, when you change your diet and take the supplements you need, you don’t have withdrawal symptoms.)
  6. The updated nutrient therapy withdrawal protocol
  7. Additional nutrients for withdrawal support
  8. Eliminating severe withdrawal symptoms caused by cortisol elevation
  9. Why antidepressants are no better than placebo
  10. Study examining the extent to which the high prevalence mental disorders are related to a habitual diet
  11. Maternal antidepressant use linked to infant brain malformations
  12. Antidepressant use during pregnancy may lead to childhood obesity and diabetes
If you truly want to change the person you are and become an inspiring person to everyone you meet no matter what happens in your life, you must check out Julia’s breakthrough solutions by reading her book and trying some of her life changing advice and recommendations.

In her book, you’ll also discover what foods are associated with having good moods and which ones you can count on to bring you bad moods. She will tell you where to get the amino acids and how much to take, offer you supplement plans as well as food plans and menus, plus you’ll learn about food addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety and more. It’s a self-help book that can literally save you years of counseling with no results.

Learn From the Best – And Your Life Will Lead to Success

And it’s not all theory, either. Julia and her staff have treated thousands of people since 1980  - and even certified thousands of health practitioners to learn what to do for the most stubborn cases. She has an official clinic called the Nutritional Therapy Institute Clinic in Mill Valley, California. She’s in the who’s who of people that have made a difference in millions of others’ lives.

Check out her book on Amazon or on her website, this book will definitely change your life!

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