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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Benefits of Floatation Tanks during Pregnancy

Benefits of Floatation Tanks

The Benefits of Floatation Tanks during Pregnancy
Benefits of Flotation Tanks 

Pregnancy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful aspects of a woman’s life as the creation of new life is a ‘magical experience’ that only women a blessed with. However, with pregnancy comes a myriad of elements that can be almost unbearable due to the enormous strain pregnancy places on the woman’s biological constructs.

Although the medical world has come up with a variety of solutions for each and every possible ‘discomfort’, pain or complications associated with pregnancy, most involve the use of drugs or invasive surgery that more often than not have their respective side effects and most mothers to be are weary of drugs and invasive techniques that are supposedly helpful towards contending with their respective pregnancies.

Off lately, pregnant women are finding a new way to contend with the issues of pregnancy and that is by subjecting themselves to floatation therapy which does not just allows pregnant moms to escape the added weight of the new life growing in them, but it also promotes good sleep patterns, reduces the level of pain that is usually associated with pregnancy and in most instances leaves pregnant women in a state of ‘positive wellbeing’ which is critical for the development of the baby that they carry.

Floatation tanks provide the reprieve that women need during their pregnancy from the strain that the added weight places on their spines and hips, as 90 minutes in flotation tank 2 or 3 times a week gives pregnant women a small window period that allows them to rest their physical attributes and added to the fact that during floatation the Epsom salt solution which contains a significant amount of magnesium is absorbed through the skin and this helps to not just decease inflammation, but also ensure that ‘all cellular’ functions are augmented and become optimal which in turn increases the health percentage of the baby.

Another factor that people often talk about with regards to float tanks and pregnant mothers is the 'mirror effect' which relates to the fact that as the baby floats within the mother’s womb, the mother meanwhile is floating in a tank that is much similar to the womb which is said to have a spiritual or rather communal impact that gives the mother the pleasure of sharing the baby’s experience which is said to deepen the mother’s connection with her unborn child.

Most mothers with two or three children will swear an oath that the third trimester of pregnancy is when things get most uncomfortable or at times unbearable as pressure increases in the mother’s lungs and other organs are put on high strain and breathing and sleeping become conscious efforts.

However, it has been observed that when pregnant women are subjected to floatation more frequently during their third trimester, they are able to manage it with much more ease not just due to the reprieve that floatation therapy provides from the enormous stress that gravity places on the entire physical state of the mother, but also the ‘break’ their brain gets when external stimuli is eliminated to an extent that the brain is allowed ‘space’ to readjust and optimise all other bodily or biological functions.

Sensory deprivation tanks and floatation therapy in general does seem to be making waves in the medical industry due to the remarkable results that it produces not just for pregnant women, but also for athletes, those who suffer from insomnia, those who have arthritis, those who have to deal with constant chronic pain or migraines or even those with high stress jobs.

Floatation tanks are able to provide total sensory deprivation and are quickly being regarded as a medical wonder that is proving to be a worthwhile addition to certain medical programs that help patients towards recovery.

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