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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why do we Get Fat?

Why do we Get Fat?

Why do we Get Fat?
Why we Get Fat?

Currently, millions of overweight individuals take part in rigorous exercise and fad diet programs with the hopes of losing weight and living healthier. More often than not, these endeavors are met with poor results as seen by continued obesity.

Over half of American's have a Body Mass Index of over 25 and are consequently overweight. Obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions. Approximately 800 people die every day from being overweight! The American Cancer Society has stated that obesity may soon be the leading cause of cancer!

This is unacceptable considering that scientists have discovered a safe and effective nutraceutical that activates our body's ability to burn fat while preserving muscle. As a true thermogenic aid, these nutraceuticals activate thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is your God-given right to be thin. It can be defined as a metabolic and physiological process responsible for keeping you warm by burning excess calories and fat.

Poor thermogenesis is a result of "low sympathetic nervous system activity" and results in obesity. This cause of obesity has become so apparent that scientists from Harvard, Columbia, New York Obesity Research Center, and the Research Dept. of Human Nutrition in Copenhagen, Denmark have coined the phrase MONA LISA to describe it. This simply stands for Most Obesities known are Low in Sympathetic Activity.

Poor thermogenesis (or lack of sympathetic activity) can be the result of a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, aging and genetics. More often than not this will result in continued weight gain and deteriorating health. Nonetheless, all of these factors can be fixed by incorporating a natural thermogenic aid into your diet which will result in safe and healthy fat loss. Numerous studies have documented this.

One study, reported by Townsend Letters for Doctors found that a true thermogen can have a "positive influence on body composition, increasing fat loss by 100% and decreasing muscle loss by 72%". In a paper published by the International Journal of Obesity, The New York Obesity Research Center stated that "in this 6-month placebo controlled trial, herbal ephedra/caffeine (almost a true thermogen) promoted body weight and body fat reduction and improved blood lipids without significant adverse events."  Further studies published by researchers at the Research Department of Human Nutrition in Copenhagen Denmark stated "we conclude that the ephedrine/caffeine combination is safe and effective in long-term treatment...The side effects are minor and transient and no clinically relevant withdraw symptoms have been observed." Further, the International Journal of Obesity published a 6 month, double-blind placebo-controlled study on the safety and effectiveness of a thermogen among adolescents.

They concluded that "according to the present pilot study, a thermogen can be a safe and effective compound for the treatment of obesity in adolescents." In light of this, there is no excuse for obesity. There are numerous ways to activate thermogenesis and subsequently shed the pounds. Considering the death toll among obese individuals, a natural medicine is no doubt the simplest and most effective way to begin living thin and slim.

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