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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Weight Loss Recipes

Weight Loss Recipes

Weight Loss Recipes
Weight Loss Recipes

The weight loss recipes is a set of instructions and ingredients of preparing a particular dish that has low cholesterol and calories intake that will help in reducing weight.

The word weight is not new to many. Discrimination comes with being overweight or underweight. Many are those who undergo self-esteem deficiency because of weight. To the extreme that one would kill himself.

Probably because many people have associated gaining weight with being lazy which is stereotypic. Gaining weight is brought about by many reasons including hormonal imbalance, genes, calories intake and many more. The lifestyle also affect the weight immensely. People are using cars instead of walking. They are busy working, having no time to cook. They end up ordering premade food which is not healthy.

Many weight loss recipes are in the market, some are very harmful to your body and may lead to permanent damage. It is very wise to know which recipe is good for you.

Here are some tips on choosing a weight loss recipe:

Less fat saturation

Saturated fats add blood cholesterol which may be harmful to the body. It may lead to even serious heart attack. You can start by choosing food that low in saturated fats. You can chose vitamins like fruit and greens and grain.

Less total fats

There are two type of fats: saturated and non-saturated. When combined they are called total fats or just fats. Fats are not harmful to your body, in fact they help in the body development but with excess fat intake it may end up being harmful. Choose food that has low calories, if you not sure ask the doctor to provide you a list of ingredients with low fats.

Healthy diet

Don’t go for crash diets that are very low in calories and can harm your body. You may want to lose weight fast but it has its own consequences which is not worth facing. Go for a diet that has enough calories for your body to function. Men need 2500 calories a day and women need 2000 calories.

There are many types of weight loss recipes from the smoothie recipe, chicken recipe, weight loss soup, to salad recipes. Let’s take a look at the smoothie weight loss recipes. It is a combination of sweetness and efficiency in weight loss. Sometime you don’t need to eat bitter food to lose weight.

It is good to make your own smoothie, this is because you never know what they have put in the smoothies that you buy as takeaway. It is good to sacrifice a bit of your time and make your own smoothie infect it only uses about 20 minutes.

Here are among the weight loss recipe (smoothies) in general:

Berry oat smoothies

It contains 280 calories per glass intake. It is a combination of blue berries and oat meal. We all know oatmeal is rich in nutrients that are very important to our bodies. It always ensure you are full all the way to the next meal. It has low total fat as well as saturated fat of about 2.3 g per glass intake. It is high in fiber and proteins.

Add milk, frozen berries, tablespoons of honey, Greek yoghurt and a cup of ice to the blender. Pulse until it is smooth. You can add sweetener or milk if need be. Then you can enjoy your smoothie.

Raspberry coconut smoothies

One of my favorite smoothies. It has 454 calories with about 5.7 saturated fat per glass intake. Just like the name suggest it is a combination of raspberry and coconut milk (unsweetened). No addition of sugar, the sugar is natural and comes from the rasp berry. It has an appealing look that one cannot ignore and it always gives you appetite.

You extract the coconut and add coconut milk as well as banana slices in the blender. Pulse for a few minutes like 2 minutes add the raspberries pulse until it is smooth. You can add sweetener or a little shredded coconut and begin enjoying your smoothie.

Raw chocolate smoothies

It is made from raw cocoa. The cocoa beans are known for their health benefits. It has low levels of cholesterol and lowers the risk of blood clot. The chocolate also help in the relaxation of blood vessels hence reducing blood pressure and blood glucose, this improves insulin function. It has 307 calories with about 2.2 g of saturated fat per glass intake.

Microwave the tablespoon of raw honey for about 10 seconds. Add puree honey, banana slices, peanut butter, cocoa and almond milk into the blender and pulse till it is smooth. Then is ready to be served.

Cake batter smoothie

If you love cake and is hard for you to let go, you can begin with the cake batter smoothie. It has about 261 calories and 0 fats per glass intake. Yes, it is kind of shocking when you hear about cake and it has such low calories right? All you got to do is prepare with ingredients that are low in cholesterol and calories, these includes non-fat yoghurt, skimmed milk and organic cake mix.

All you got to do is add the non-fat yoghurt on the organic cake mix and add the skimmed milk o the blender. Pulse till it is smooth. You can serve immediately.

Pumpkin pecan pie smoothie

Pumpkins contain zinc which is very essential to the body. It is a very tasty smoothie with 403 calories and about 2.7 g of saturated fats per glass intake. It is the best alternative for lovers of pie. It also has plenty of vitamin A which help with the eye sight among many other health benefits.

Add the Greek yoghurt to the blender along with the fresh spinach, mint leaves , pumpkin puree, toasted pecans, maple syrups, ground cinnamons, ground ginger, ground cloves pulse it till it is smooth then you can serve.

There are many smoothies one can explore that are not unhealthy. You can decide to google them or ask your friend. Your body is your pride. It is good to take care of it and ensure that you taking healthy food.

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