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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Using Laxatives for Weight Loss Purposes

Laxatives for Weight Loss Purposes

using Laxatives for Weight Loss Purposes
using Laxatives for Weight Loss Purposes

When people use laxatives for weight loss purposes, they take advantage of this medication’s effect on the bowel to increase the bowel movement rate and bypass the absorption of food. When taken on a regular basis, it conditions the body to take less and less nutrients out of food and thus prevents any weight gains. Laxatives are generally prescribed to relieve constipation issues, so a person that uses laxatives for weight loss needs to be aware that a body that has no bowel functioning impediments is not meant to get by on a long term laxatives for weight loss treatment.

How Does Using Laxatives For Weight Loss Actually Work?

In truth, using laxatives for weight loss has a bigger effect on the quantity of body fluids in your organism than on the amount of assimilated calories itself. The diarrhea induced by this medication drains a large amount of water from your body. This is urgently corrected by the body that will retain any water when water is made available. Should a person try to avoid drinking water after taking laxatives for weight loss, he exposes himself to dehydration and a large number of grave effects caused by dehydration. The quick weight loss part is in fact due to the body losing precious minerals and the unwanted food it would have naturally excreted otherwise. Laxatives do not prevent the calorie assimilation because that process takes place before it reaches the colon – this is a scientific fact which will likely contradict all the laxatives for weight loss stories most people have probably heard.

Laxatives for Weight Loss Side Effects – Beware of Dangers

In case of laxative abuse for weight loss, there are several conditions a person may experience and none are pleasant:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Dehydration
  • Fainting
  • Vomiting

Raisins & Nuts are Natural Laxatives for Weight Loss

The list could go on, as each laxative for weight loss side effect is a base for developing further health complications, and this is why it is recommended to ask for a doctor’s advice on what doses and timeline to follow. While you may be encouraged by “friends” to use them, it is in your best interest to take professional advice, as even a slight drift from the adequate dose will expose you to such risks.

There are a large number of natural weight loss pills out on the market, and several of them are indeed effective, offering a balanced diet to complement their use. Under medical supervision, you can receive a well thought-out plan that will limit your risk of developing dangerous side effects like the ones described above when using laxatives for weight loss. Doing this on your own, through trial and error, does not produce desirable effects, as the digestive system is complex and any conclusion you may draw may only be the result of coincidence or oversight. Fast weight loss is not an achievement but rather an undesirable effect that most likely serves as a warning that your internal balance is off-set. With the market being full of efficient, no risk diets and with plenty of experienced nutritionists, one should never resort to using medication for other purposes than it is intended. Indeed, your own physician will probably recommend alternatives to using laxatives for weight loss.

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