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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Secret to Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid Weight Loss
Rapid Weight Loss

Do you need to lose weight fast? Have a wedding coming up? Maybe a vacation at the beach? Or a school reunion? Rapid weight loss is possible! 

It is important to remember rapid weight loss diets are not long-term and will not result in a loss of fifty pounds in a two. With that being said, as long as you set realistic goals, you WILL fit into that dress, bathing suit or tux in time for any occasion.

Rapid Weight Loss Super Foods

Rapid Weight Loss Superfoods
Rapid Weight Loss Superfoods

* Rapid weight loss starts with the foods you eat. You cannot consume large amounts of fast food and soda or load up on unhealthy carbs if you want to drop weight fast. You can jumpstart your weight loss by incorporating the following deliciously healthy foods into your rapid weight loss plan.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is full of catechins, an antioxidant that helps rapid weight loss by stopping belly fat storage in it s tracks! Drinking four to five cups of green tea in conjunction with at least twenty five minute daily workouts has been shown to increase belly fat loss.

2. Avocado Oil

Researchers at Penn State have shown avocado oil consumption increases belly fat loss. Three tablespoons of avocado oil a day will produce noticeable results.

3. Grapefruit

Studies have proven consuming half a grapefruit before a meal will enhance and speed up your body's fat burning abilities. Phytochemicals in grapefruit can help you lose as much as one inch of fat from your wait in as soon as six weeks!

4. Almonds

Trade your high calorie, carb-loaded snacks in for a handful of almonds. Studies have shown it only takes a quarter cup of almonds a day to experience rapid weight loss and lower your BMI. This is due to the massive amounts of L-arginine, an amino acid, that rapidly burns fat and carbs.

5. Yogurt 

Studies have shown yogurts that contain vitamin D and calcium help you lose up to two times more fat.

6. Coconut Oil 

According to recent studies, coconut oil consumption leads to rapid weight. Coconut oil is immediately broken down once eaten, can speed metabolism, and can be used in many dishes.

Rapid Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Rapid Weight Loss Exercise Tips

 Exercise is a crucial ingredient in any rapid weight loss plan. While doctors have been pushing walking, a more rigorous exercise plan is needed to result in rapid weight loss.

1. You are not too busy to exercise.

The excuse many have for not exercising is a lack of time. You can easily work in at least three sixty minute workouts per week. You can break this up into small intervals, for example four ten-minute intervals.

* When you get up in the morning, put in your first ten minute interval.
* Set aside ten minutes of your lunch break for a second workout.
* After work, you can fit in a third ten minute interval.
* After dinner, before you go to bed, squeeze in your last ten minutes.

2. Sleep

This is not an actual exercise. Getting a full six to eight hours of sleep every night will boost your workout energy while making you more alert and prepared to take on your daily workout routine.

3. Fat burning and cardio exercises

The more intense your workout is, the more fat and calories you will burn. 

High Intensity Exercises
* Jumping rope
* Running
* Kickboxing
* Rowing
* Elliptical

Rapid Weight Loss Detoxes

Rapid Weight Loss Detoxes
Rapid Weight Loss Detoxes

Detox water and teas are an essential ingredient to rapid weight loss. Many benefits can be reaped from detoxification including:

1. reduce stress
2. boost energy
3. reduce bloating
4. cleanse the liver
5. rid the body of toxins

Detox for Rapid Weight Loss 

* Cinnamon detox tea stabilizes blood sugar and increases glucose metabolism.
* Green tea detox speeds metabolism and increases fat burn.
* Cucumber, lemon, mint water boosts energy and metabolism, while reducing water weight.
* Blackberry and orange water is chock full of antioxidants and vitamin C.
* Watermelon water is full of lycopene, antioxidants, and amino acids that aid rapid weight loss.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Tricks 

You know what foods to eat that boost rapid weight loss, what exercises to do, and what to drink. But, how do you tie it all together?

* Portion control
* Eliminate artificial sweeteners
* Eliminate refined sugar
* Increase your protein intake
* Eat low-carb veggies
* Eat five to six smaller meals a day instead of three large meals

How to Keep it Off 

You lost the weight, the special event is over, you look and feel great. Wouldn't you prefer to spend the rest of your life this way? The secret to keeping the weight that you lost during your rapid weight loss is to not diet. Yup, you heard me right, Instead of dieting, create a new healthier, more active lifestyle. You have already been doing it for a few weeks or months. You have proven you can do it, now keep it up.

When you reach your goal weight, you can slowly increase your calorie intake to find the perfect balance to stay at a steady, consistent weight. Also, if you have a craving, you can occasionally enjoy a small portion of your favorite treat. If you do not, chances are you will end up bingeing, which will lead to you gradually going back to your old ways.

Keep up the good work. Not only will you look and feel healthier, you will decrease your risks of contracting many serious diseases such as heart disease.

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