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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Cancer is one of a very scary disease to be diagnosed with. With it being one of the highest killers in the world, it has taken scores of people over the years. There are more that 1 million people who die of cancer in the world per year. Breast cancer is one of the cancer that has been rampant among populations. With about 2 women in every 10 women having breast cancer, this disease has grown to alarming levels. In 2011 about 50000 women were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. This disease has also led to the thousands of people warranty for preventative measures to be taken against it. There is a lot being done to help stop the disease and reduce the number of people it claims. There are strides being made every day to help in this war against breast cancer.

Various cause of breast cancer

There are many factors that have been seen to cause or accelerate the occurrence of breast cancer in different people. This includes the normal day routines and different occupations. There are some occupations that can increase the chances of breast cancer more than others. This is such as the Military. Because of some of the duties in the military it has been seen that the chances of women having breast cancer in the military is 40% more than women in other occupations.

Exposure to various chemicals and various lifestyles can also lead to its development. For the case of people with obesity, they tend to develop cancer more than others. Apart from that people with history of cancer in their families also have a higher chance of getting it. This is because there is a likelihood that the cancer gene is passed down in the family to the.

Breast cancer in many cases

In many cases breast cancer is only thought to affect women. This was true before till the first male case was recorded in the 1990s. Currently men have also been diagnosed with breast cancer. This makes this disease something that affects the general population as a whole. Just like women, men with obesity have been seen to get breast cancer more than others. In their case, lifestyle is also a key aspect in the case of breast cancer.

Some of the ways used in fighting breast cancer

There are many ways that have come that can be useful in fighting breast cancer. Because of the fact that this disease has claimed many lives, a lot of research has been put forward to determine ways of fighting it. This includes diagnostic methods that come in handy in detection of the disease in the early stages where it is easily treated. This includes regular screenings which are sometimes given free for women of certain age groups that are susceptible. This is mostly women in their 40s. In most cases this is done in the world breast cancer awareness month, October. This helps inform the population of what is going on this bodies and what they should do.

Apart from this, diet has been found to be either a major contributor to getting breast cancer or keeping it at bay. There are many chemicals in various foods that can contribute to development of breast cancer. This is because of the many ways that have been invented and incorporated in food production. Some of these ways have incorporated new methods and new microorganisms in food that can contribute their DNA with the cancer gene causing the development of cancer in the body. When getting food people should be careful what to buy and what not to. Apart from that, some fatty foods have also been seen to contribute to cancer development. Eating a balanced diet is a sure way to ensure good health.

Getting enough sleep and staying away from stress. This is another way that has been seen to help keep the immune system at its best which helps keep it ready to fight any cancerous cells that may be developing. The immune system is the major defense system in humans hence keeping it at its best is an important thing.

Organizations making strides against breast cancer.

There are many organizations that have been set up help those who have the disease fight it and keep healthy. These are such as the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer organization that organizes walks and runs to help fund and fight this disease. This helps the people with the disease get some support. There are many events prepared to help create awareness against breast cancer and help fight it

 Breast cancer is a menace that should be fought and kept at bay to help save many lives.

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