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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low Carbohydrate Diet
Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low carbohydrate diet limits the amount of starch consumed by an individual per day to between 20 to 60 grams. Most of the time, such a program is administered to individuals as a prevention and a treatment for diseases like obesity and diabetes. Moreover, it may also serve as a way of bringing down an individual’s weight.

A low carbohydrate diet taken by different individuals usually varies. This variation is caused by a number of factors. They include the health of the person, the extent to which the individual exercises and the amount of weight that the individual aims at losing. All these are usually considered before an individual engages himself or herself in a low carbohydrate diet Plans to ensure it does not result in adverse effects on the individual’s health.

Low Carbohydrate Diet in Nutritive Carbohydrates

A low carbohydrate diet usually endorses the reduction of consumption of nutritive carbohydrates that are customarily known as “net carbs.” Foods such as bread, desserts, rice and pastas contain high net carb content. It is such foods that individuals on a low carbohydrate diet are advised against their consumption. Alternatively, individuals on low carbohydrate diet are encouraged to consume more of non-nutritive carbohydrates and proteins. Examples of such foods are meat (the one from grass fed animals is preferred) ,dairy products such as cheese, and vegetables like broccoli. Also nuts, fruits like apples and pears and fish (preferably wild caught fish) are recommended.

Individuals on a low carbohydrate diet are usually advised to make an eating program to ensure they strictly maintain their diet. For example on a Monday morning, an individual on a low carbohydrate diet may have an egg fried in coconut oil together with some vegetables. For lunch the individual may take yogurt plus a couple of almonds. He or she may have a cheese burger for supper supplemented with some vegetables. On a Tuesday, eggs together with bacon may be taken for breakfast, the leftovers from the previous supper may be taken as lunch and then salmon plus vegetables may be eaten for supper.

Low Carbohydrate Diet Week Plan

On Wednesday, vegetables plus eggs may do for the breakfast, shrimp salad may be taken for lunch and grilled chicken together with vegetables taken for supper. On Thursday, the individual may have an omelet fried in coconut oil for breakfast, a smoothie plus berries for lunch and then vegetables taken together with steak for supper. Friday may be graced with bacon plus eggs for breakfast, chicken salad as lunch, and vegetables taken with meatballs for supper. On Saturday, an omelet together with some vegetables may serve as the breakfast; yogurt served with a couple of walnuts may be taken for lunch and then meatballs plus vegetables eaten for supper.

To complete the seven days of the week, bacon plus eggs may be taken as the breakfast on a sunday, a smoothie together with berries as lunch and chicken wings and spinach as the supper. Such a program is just an illustration of how an individual on a low carbohydrate diet should feed daily. If followed strictly the individual is almost guaranteed of achieving the desired result.

The individual on a low carbohydrate diet should ensure that vegetables are part of the daily diet. Moreover, nutritive carbohydrates should be avoided. This is to keep the aim that the amount of consumed carbohydrates averages between 20-60 grams per day. If possible, below 50 grams per day. Note, if an individual is of good health and is actively involved in exercises regularly, then he or she may supplement his or her diet with regular tubers. Examples are sweet potatoes, arrow roots and yams.

Why Take a Low Carbohydrate Diet ?

Someone may ask this. Well the benefits associated with a low carbohydrate diet make a strong case themselves and make this question sound more of a rhetoric one. This is because the advantages are quite many. Among them are: it provides a quick means of losing weight to individuals, it reduces the risk of suffering from heart diseases, it causes quick weight reduction and reduces the visceral fat that surrounds internal organs(which is a health hazard if left to accumulate). Also a low carbohydrate diet reduces the level of insulin and sugar in the blood, lowers blood pressure and cures various disorders of the brain.

It is important to note that when a change in the normal feeding habits occurs, the body is bound to respond. Therefore, when individuals begin a low carbohydrate diet, their bodies are bound to respond in various ways. Some of the ways in which the body may respond include the reasons for taking the low carbohydrate diet. The body may reduce in weight, or respond positively to an attack by a disease such as diabetes and obesity. However, adverse effects may also come with a low carbohydrate diet.

Negative Effect of a Low Carbohydrate Diet

The major negative effect of a low carbohydrate diet is constipation. According to a number of physicians, who have carried out clinical tests on this issue, many individual fulfill their bodies’ fiber requirements by consuming the net carbs. However, since in a low carbohydrate diet their consumption is limited, the body gets insufficient quantities of fibers which result in constipation. This should not, nevertheless, discourage individuals from taking a low fiber diet. It has been proven that if individuals can strictly follow a low carbohydrate diet, they will be replacing the high fiber starchy foods with vegetables. These vegetables as well have high fiber content. They will, therefore, provide sufficient fibers to the body which should avert constipation.

In conclusion, a low carbohydrate diet is beneficial to all individuals. Therefore, all individuals should not deny their bodies the numerous benefits by giving the low carbohydrate diet a try.

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