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Sunday, June 11, 2017

How to Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

Lose Weight Quickly

Lose Weight Quickly
Lose Weight Quickly

Is your wedding date approaching fast? Or maybe it is that summer high school reunion. Then suddenly you realize that you have to lose weight quickly. You might be thinking that you are too late. Worry not though, with a proper diet, you still stand a chance to get rid of a couple of calories quickly and safely.

You might be tempted to turn to fad diets for a faster journey to shedding weight. Well, this could work but once you are out of the diet, you might end up heavier than you were before starting! Why not go the safer way?

The trick for a faster loss weight is watching the amount of calorie intake and the calories burnt per day.

Below is an outline of some proven safe ways to lose weight quickly:

Watch your fluid intake

Let your diet constitute of mainly water

Most energy drinks, wine or smoothies are rich in calories but do not lead to much satisfaction compared to solid calories. This means that a glass will leave you wanting more. This results to packing your body in calories without any feeling of satiation. This makes their consumption just a waste. However, water contains no calories so if you are looking for a slimming drink that will guarantee you to lose weight quickly, there you have it! Surprisingly, water does jumpstart the body’s metabolism thus eliminating any excess fluid weight. Make water more fun to consume by adding honey, mint leaves or lemon.

How about some green tea? 

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which enhance metabolism. Consuming the drink therefore leads to burning up to 70 calories per day!

As much as water is the best liquid for you to consume, a cup of coffee before exercising gives you enough energy and boost to go through the entire work out process.

Cut on pasta, white rice, basically any white grains because these carbs greatly cause bloating which means you will look more pumped. Try replacing your diet with more vegetables and fruits, which are digested at a slower rate keeping you full for longer. Vegetables and fruits are also constituted mainly of water and they therefore promote flushing out of excess fluid weight.

Consider your workout plan

It is true that any workout that raises your heart rate will help in burning calories. However, some workouts are better than others when you are looking to lose weight quickly.

For a better physique, do a few lunges, squats or push-ups with weights four to five times weekly. If you are consistent, you will see notable results within no time. The good thing about this exercise is that you can do it in the office or at home. When doing these exercises, ensure that your legs and back remain straight for toned muscles.

Half an hour daily of cardio workout can also go a long way in losing weight. Try boot camp, cardio kickboxing and spinning workouts. This will give you a toned look and also burns up to 300 calories per day. For even a faster calorie burning, alternate short spans of intense exercise with a slower activity.

It is a good idea to keep a workout plan where you schedule the specific day and time when you are going to work out. This schedule should be followed up and treated like a very serious commitment.

You might consider joining a fitness class or investing in a personal trainer. This will help keep you on your toes at all time

It has been scientifically proven that consumption of spicy food, especially red pepper, will go a long way in boosting your basal metabolism. This is because hot pepper contains Capsaicin which boosts the production of stress hormones leading to a speedier metabolism. In addition, hot pepper is quite helpful in reducing your appetite leading to more manageable cravings.

How about getting on top when having sex? In this position, you are the most active and you are guaranteed of losing about 150 calories per session. Frequent sex also leads to production of feel-good hormones which help keep cravings at bay.

Be sure to get rid of any tempting foods that are in the house.

Get quality sleep every night. This is important as you will be better positioned to control your hunger and you will have more energy for exercising.

Many times we tend to eat out of boredom. Keeping yourself busy is therefore advisable.

Do not skip any meal. Remember that losing weight is not about starving yourself. This will only lead to a slower metabolism, which means that your body will be using extra energy leaving those pounds still intact.

For accountability, maintain a journal of your daily calorie intake. This will also help keep you on track. You can also create your own diet plan and do your best to stick to it.

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