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Sunday, June 11, 2017




Losing weight can sometimes seem like the most impossible feat to achieve. If you are like most, you probably have tried out a number of diets, workout routines and even weight loss pills, only to get disappointed eventually. Fret not, though, if this is the story of your life as we will have a look at how you can lose weight fast, without having to do much while at it. Contrary to common perception, it is only a combination of factors such as working out and dieting, that can help you in your quest. Are you tired of the muffin-top look? Here are simple ways to lose weight fast and get your sexy back while at it.

9 Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast:

1. Adopt a Mantra

Losing weight fast basically boils down to what you believe and the inner drive within you. The most common mistake people make while in their weight loss quest is focusing on the things that are beyond them, instead of what they can do. Start out your journey by adopting a mantra or weight loss theme such as “I know I can.” Chances are, you will find yourself resisting junk or jogging in due time if you repeat these words on a daily basis.

2. Jot Down Your Calorie Intake

You can never lose weight if you remain in the dark about the calorie intake; it’s just that simple. According to a recent research, individuals that maintain simple food diaries eat about 15% less food, compared to those that don’t. Once you have figured out what you want, jot down everything you eat in a week and you will be shocked by just how much calories you shove down the throat. Cut down on all unhealthy meals on your list and watch out, particularly for weekends when every health goal is thrown out of the window.

3. Good ol’ H2O

You are allowed to drink anything you want from orange juice to yogurt, during breakfast. However, stick to water throughout the rest of the day and avoid soda like the plague while at it. According to studies, the average American adult consumes a whopping 250 calories a day from soft drinks alone. Not yet convinced? Well, that’s an average of 90,000 calories a year or 25 pounds of weight; on drinks alone! This coming from sugary drinks, which don’t provide satiety the way food does, is plainly unnecessary.

4. Wait Until Your Stomach Rumbles for Food

As stated earlier, weekends can just be the difference between losing and adding weight. It is quite amusing how most of us eat out of depression, boredom or nervousness more so over the weekends, that we even forget how hunger feels like. If you are feeling like eating something specific, chances are that you are just going through a craving phase and not hunger per se. On the flipside, if you’d munch on virtually anything you come across after a long day’s work, you are truly hungry and need to recharge. In a nutshell, find other ways to deal with frustrations, boredom and nervousness rather than eating all you can.

5. Cleaning?

Did you know that losing weight can be achieved in a timely fashion, if you simply decided to take up some of the chores yourself? According to studies, you can burn up to four calories every minute by simply scrubbing the bathroom tiles or washing your car. This simply means that a 30 minute cleaning application can burn some 120 calories – the amount found in a cup of frozen yogurt.

6. Spice Things Up - lose weight fast

According to recent studies, consuming hot peppers with meals can actually catalyze the body’s basal metabolism rate – the total amount of calories that the human body burns during rest – and therefore, help you reduce weight. The researchers found that Capsaicin – a unique compound found in Cayenne and Jalapeno peppers – works in boosting the production of stress hormones, mainly adrenaline, which will then boost the metabolism rate and hence, the ability to burn off calories. Moreover, hot peppers are also known to significantly reduce an individual’s appetite, which means less cravings for you and more weight loss.

7. Sleep Often to lose weight fast

As weird as it may sound, depriving yourself some quality sleep can actually make you fat over time. Women, in particular, who sleep for less than five hours a night have a slower metabolism compared to those who sleep for eight hours a night. With this, you are therefore bound to lose more weight and fast, by not skimping on your sleep.

8. Move Around for lose weight fast

The main reason why the belly fat won’t just go away is probably because you are stuck behind an office desk all day. Instead of reaching out for a soda or snack during breaks, simply take a short five-minute walk, or perhaps, jog down the stairs to catch some fresh air outside instead of taking the lift. Better yet, you can learn to take routine evening walks - when your metabolism rate is at its lowest. Basically, a thirty minute walk before dinner can significantly boost your metabolism rate and in fact, keep it at a fastened level for another two to three hours. Walking, jogging and moving around regularly can work magic for those really serious about losing weight.

9. Resist the Urge to Take Shortcuts to lose weight fast

The market is filled with over hyped weight loss programs, diets and pills which are not only ineffective, but also risky to your overall health. Marketing gimmicks such as “Lose 20 pounds in 10 days” may sound tempting, but if you have a clue on how hard it actually is to shed a pound let alone twenty, you will know that all this is a bunch of lies. Instead of losing precious time and hard-earned money on false products, start out on the above tips and lose weight fast.

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