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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lose Weight Effectively with 13 Fat Loss Strategies

Lose Weight Effectively with 13 Super Easy & Cool Fat Loss Strategies

lose weight
lose weight

Losing weight is usually not easy. It is hard work and needs discipline. Plus, sustainable fat loss does not occur in one night. But if you're eager to lose weight and keep it off for good, here are a few strategies for a better diet, a streamlined workout and much-needed health tips.

Read on and shed pounds the healthy way.

1. Water before meals.

Keeping yourself hydrated is important but did you know that drinking H2O during your meal boosts proper digestion, which means that you do not suffer from bloating or get backed up.

Our Tip - Drink 2 glasses of water before a meal to quench your thirst, eat much less and stay fuller for longer.

2. Eat a hearty breakfast.

Skipping your morning meal is not a good idea. Your body goes into starvation mode, begins to conserve energy by slowing your metabolic rate and enhancing the insulin response. So, whatever you gobble up next, will raise your blood sugar level sky-high and leave you more hungry in a very short while. The appetite that follows is nothing short of ravenous and you end up making unhealthy or fatty food choices.

Our Tip - Eat a bowl of instant oatmeal with milk for a protein-high and a load of energy.

3. Go jogging. 

You can start small to lose weight effectively - about 15-20 minutes of jogging every other day. Increase the time span as you get more comfortable and your body adjusts to the new physical exertion. It is a very gradual process and you should not rush it to lose weight faster, as that will only result in harm for your body.

4. Do not give in when you hit a weight loss plateau.

We are all tested at one point or another during a strict diet or weight loss regime. But if give up the moment you hit a fat reducing plateau, you will never get to the other side of a more energetic, healthy and slimmer version of yourself.

5. Keep it real.

You need to stay focused on food habits that will serve you well in your weight loss journey. Eating chocolate bars everyday or carbs for dinner is not healthy or beneficial for solid, sustainable weight loss.

Our Tip - To lose weight properly, eat 6 small meals with healthy portions of all food groups in one day.

6. Stick to one favourite healthy food. 

Find just one item that you simply adore and eat it every day for whichever meal you like. Whether it is a turkey sandwich or a tuna casserole, gorge on that daily for staying focused and not deviating from your weight loss goals.

7. Break just one bad food habit.

You could be in love with lemon desserts or have a thing for fried chicken; break your one most addicting bad habit and get ready to be amazed at the amount of calories you'll not be consuming. Stick to the new food habit for at least a month and you'll end up making a permanent change for life.

8. Turn unhealthy favourites into healthful foods.  

Take beef burgers and make your own with less fat and better taste. Or make a vegan, low-calorie chocolate cake with almond meal instead of plain flour. You can get very creative with this idea.

9. Do not be tempted by restaurant foods.

If you've a party to attend or a function, or maybe you are eating at a fancy restaurant with friends, do not be tempted by the menu by eating light, healthy meals all through the day. Plus, drink lots of water right before you leave to stay full and not order the shrimp salad with buckets of mayonnaise that everyone else is having and mess up your plans to lose weight quickly.

10. Get yourself new snacks.  

Snacking is one if the more difficult aspects of fat loss as many weight-watchers give in to the lure of a bright packet of crisps after a stressful day at work. To avoid that happening to you, change your snacks to healthier ones. Gorge on hummus made with roasted chickpeas and carrot sticks. Get protein bars. Make delicious smoothie.

11. Be salad-smart. 

A salad at a regular fast food joint is loaded with calories. Order low-fat dressing and skip croutons when eating out. Salads also often have ingredients like mayonnaise, sugar and more such ingredients that hamper weight loss plans of anyone.

12. Put on your apron.

Nothing could be be healthier and cleaner than what you cook up in your kitchen by yourself. You control the ingredients and you know exactly what you're putting in your food. So, join a cooking class or grab a cooking book for beginners and get cooking to lose weight the healthy way.

13. Forego free refills. 

If you want to lose weight, you need to stop indulging in free refills of sugary sodas and lattes that many restaurants offer to lure more customers. Grab a bottle of water instead and stay happy because you know you are drinking zero calories.

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