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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How Many Carbs in Carrots

Carbs in Carrots

Carbs in Carrots
Carbs in Carrots

People who are dieting are often worried about the carbs in carrots. They are worried that the nutritional value does not out weight the carbohydrate intake they get from carrots. That is why you need to know how carbs in carrots will affect you.

According to Medtronic’s carbohydrate calorie counter, a serving of carrots has anywhere from four to twenty-two grams of carbohydrates. Like other root vegetables, Carbs in Carrots.  To fully appreciate why carbs can be perceived as a problem to your diet, you must first understand what carbs are.

In a nut shell, carbs or carbohydrates are the source of energy for the body. For every gram of carbs you eat, your body breaks it down into four calories. It is impossible not to consume carbohydrates. When consumed, your body turns carbs into sugar. They are found in almost every food item. Because your body is unable to throw away carbs, you simply store them the same way that fat gets stored.

That is why people who are strict on their diets avoid as many carbs as they can. Other food items high in carbs include, bread, pasta, cereal, potatoes and many others. Carbs can also be broken down into two categories. Carbs found in milks and meats are known as simple carbs. Carbs found in carrots and potatoes are known as complex carbs.

Intake Carbs in Carrots

Of course there are numerous solutions to high carbohydrate intake. One of the worst decisions you can make is to cut carrots out of your life altogether. First, you can try to simply cut back on the carrots. Instead of eating a cup of carrots, try eating a half of cup. You can even go one step further and dice a quarter cup on throw it on a salad. There are plenty of reasons why you should look past the carbs that carrots carry.

First, you should eat carrots because they are high in nutritional value. Carrots may pack a lot of carbs, but they are also rich in vitamin A and C. Vitamin C helps strengthen your immune system, strengthen blood vessel and fight off scurvy.

Another nutrition plus that carrots have is the amount of fiber they have. Among many things, fiber is great for your health. By eating a carrot, you will be able to move out excrement easier. It makes your stool softer. This helps prevent hemorrhoids. Lastly, the fiber in carrots can help lower cholesterol and help prevent many different diseases.

Carrots also help your eyesight. The retinol in carrots is converted into retinene. When your body does this, it allows your nerves to be more sensitive to darker light. This, in turn, allows you to see better at night.

When you consider what you get out of a carrot, you must look past the carbs. They are high in vitamin C and A; they help your body overall and will help you see better in the dark. Lastly, carrots can help balance almost any meal into a healthy nutritional meal. For example, carrots are a great vegetable that can accompany your beef stews, various fish plates, and standard meat and potatoes. If you are worried about consuming too many carbs, make the cuts elsewhere.

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