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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Energy Drinks - Reality and Misbelieves

Reality and Disbelieves About Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks
Energy Drinks

Today we can buy energy drinks from everywhere. According their manufacturers, they could heal us from tiredness and sleepless, to picks up our tonus and to increase our work capability. The doctors have different opinion about this “magic” drinks.  Most of the energy drinks contain caffeine, which has the ability to stimulate vitality strengths, and in very rear cases contains Ghen-shen and guarana.

Energy Drinks Contains 

One energy drink (250-330 ml.) contains caffeine in amount, equivalent to one cup strong coffee. Taurin (400-1000 mg. in 300 ml) almost always consists into the composition of the beverages; it is a natural product and someone thinks that has very positive influences to the heart muscle, but still enough science proof misses.

Energy Drinks and Vitamins

Energy drinks contains vitamin C, B1, В2, В3 and В12. The beverage use is to increases the organism vitality tonus. In fact they can manage with this task only 20-30%.

Taurin participates in nerve impulses passage to the muscles, and co-enzyme Q10, which takes as a muscle work helper, both of them activates the organism. Their beverage containing are low and do not provoke unexpected reactions.

It could be made the conclusion, that 1-2 cans of energy drink do not have bad influence to the young body, but what will be the benefit of them is a matter of question and the answer depends on the present body condition and the drink used.   People suffer from diabetes have to know, that these beverages, with little exceptions, contain sugar (8-10 %).

Caffeine acts as a stimulator: 100 mg. of caffeine stimulates brain activity and more of 200 mg. increases cordially- vascular strength. But minimum three cans are needed to be achieved this effect, because most of the energy drinks contain only 34 to 90 mg. caffeine. However such quality could have negative results – hyper-excitedness, high blood pressure and pulse, higher blood sugar levels, too. Energy drinks could not harm our health, but their usage and quality have to be appropriate to the individual body condition.

Undesirable consequences could be provoked by energy drink and alcohol combining.  The caffeine increases blood pressure, but in alcohol combination its effect enhances many times.

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