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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Carrot Tanning Oil - Multiple Properties and Benefits

Benefits of Carrot Tanning Oil

Benefits of Carrot Tanning Oil
Carrot Tanning Oil Properties and Benefits

There is a pronounced for healthy products like carrot tanning oil:  Despite the increasing warnings against sun tanning and melanoma, if you drive along the beaches of Florida, you will see hundreds of people working on their tans. How can they all be ignoring the warning? Perhaps they aren’t -- they simply believe the commercial sunscreens will fully protect them from skin cancer. But they are usually wrong, because the bulk of products, while preventing sunburn, don’t adequately protect against harmful UVR.

The arrival of carrot tanning oil should be welcome for these sun worshipers and the 60% of adults under age 25 who, according to surveys, state that they have actively sought a tan outdoors or in tanning salons.

That’s because studies indicate that carrot tanning oil is considerably more effective at protecting against skin cancer than typical commercial products, when used in combination with a sunscreen. It protects against damaging UVR better than products containing mineral oil. Conventional products prevent sunburn, but don’t protect adequately against UVR.  Carrot tanning oil with concentrated carotenoids, activates the body’s ability to fight against the cellular damage of the sun.

Carotenoids are the natural ingredient in carrot oil that have more antioxidants than any other natural or commercial product. Because of the high level of antioxidants and vitamin E that exists naturally in carotenoids, the skin is ultimately protected from cancer, when used with a sunscreen.

Not only is carrot tanning oil a better shield against the suns’ harmful rays, but also it makes you tan faster (than conventional tanning oils).   This is because of the natural bronzy color of the carrot oil. If the amount of carrot oil within a tanning product is 2 to 10%, you will achieve the rich color you desire from your sun tan product.  If it is less than 2%, you won’t get the desired results. To be sure you have potent carrot tanning oil, apply some on your skin.  The color should be visibly golden and not orangey if it has a high enough concentration of pure oil.

Carrot oil is a recommended ingredient in all natural homemade skin care lotions and oils.  It is a moisturizer, so it’s like getting 2 products in one, sun lotion and moisture lotion. The botanical name of the primary ingredient is dancus carota sativa, carrot root extract. It is often blended with jojoba oil and aloe vera, and these combinations serve to reverse free radicals effects.  Specifically vitamins C and E, aloe vera, and carrot oil are a combination that strengthens the skins’ ability to defend against sunrays.

Carrot oil is being added to big commercial manufactures’ tanning products, and many other skin care creams and oils, and was first introduced in 1997 by a company devoted only to skin care products made with carrot oil.

Made from distilled oil of carrot seeds, carrot oil works to bring out the melanin in your skin - the property that makes you tan darker and faster than conventional oils or lotions. Melanin is simply a brown skin pigment.

Carotenoids can be taken in pill form or in topical form, and either kind enhances the skins UVR fighting ability, and quick and even tanning properties.

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