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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Best Super Weight loss foods

Weight loss foods

Weight loss foods
Weight loss foods

Maintaining a proper and healthy diet is as essential as not skipping the gym or one’s regular exercise routine when it comes to weight loss. Well here are some foods on can use during the weight loss period to help get optimum results.

Greens with lots of leaves - Weight loss foods

Greens are known to be very nutritious and packed with a lot of vitamins and essential mineral salts. Calcium salts can be found in very leafy greens. The salt helps in burning fat in the body aiding one to lose weight. The other good thing about leafy greens is that they have a low amount of carbohydrates calories hence one can take a lot of them without the possibility of gaining fat. The fiber in them helps to tone muscles in a healthy way. 

Broccoli - Weight loss foods

Although they may make a person blot, one is advised to steam Broccoli first to avoid this. Steaming it will not take away the nutrients that it possesses. Broccoli has calcium salts that are known to fight cancer. It also has a lot of fiber that help reduce the amount of calories one takes in any serving.

Almonds - Weight loss foods

If you take each almond as a pill for weight loss and combine it with a diet that is free of calories, then you sure will get rid of more fat in less time. If those who work out, the amino acids present in almonds help burn fat faster during the exercise routines. One is advised to take almonds just before hitting the gym or carrying out any other sort of exercise activity.

Avocados - Weight loss foods

Unlike other fruits which are abundant with carbohydrates, avocados are full of fats that the body needs and uses. Potassium and fiber are also some of the nutrients the fruit has. The good thing about avocado fat is that it increases the rate at which nutrients are absorbed from vegetables by almost 15 times. This is why nutritionists recommend that it be used in salads. Plenty of water in the avocado prevent the fruit from having too much carbohydrate. 


They include foods such as beans and peas. These foods are known for their high protein content but also have a lot of fiber which all make sure one is satisfied without having to add a lot of unnecessary fats. Cooking these foods well is most however important as most people react differently to them.

Greek yoghurt - Weight loss foods

This yoghurt contains a lot of protein, about three times that of an egg. It is as thick as most yoghurt and still creamy and tasty. The yoghurt serves well as morning breakfast and one is sure to get satisfied to full after taking it due to the acid in it. a fact from a survey shows that people who take Greek yoghurt took a bit longer to take the next meal than people who take other foods. This can help in maintaining a low intake of fats. 

Green tea

Forget all the speculations the green tea doesn’t help cut weight. Having a lot of antioxidants, the tea can help one lose a lot of fat especially in the midsection of the body. This is because the antioxidants help to increase body energy, fight against inflammation and burn much fat. It does this helping the body achieve a faster metabolism rate. Topping the beverage up with juice form a piece of sliced lemon and will assist in getting better results.

There are many other foods that can help anyone with weight loss concerns but the ones in this list are easy to find and are common among most people.

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