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Thursday, June 1, 2017

6 Best Foods That Reduce Weight

6 Best Weight Loss Foods

6 Best Weight Loss Foods
6 Best Weight Loss Foods

Appropriateness in body weight constitutes one of major requirements for a healthy and productive body. While factors like regular exercise and medication rates high among these requirements, studies also confirms a healthy and balanced diet involving some foods play a pivotal role towards body weight reduction.

Generally, for effective weight loss these foods are expected to: reduce appetite, increase metabolism, maintain optimum blood sugar, and burn calories. Though there exists a wide range of these foods, the 6 below consists proven most effective foods that will guarantee weight loss.

Whole Eggs 

Though eggs were initially shunned by many due to their high calorie content studies now confirms that eggs lack serious implication body cholesterol levels and they neither cause heart attacks. The high level of fats and protein leaves one satisfied for longer hours. A study involving 30 women for instance confirmed that women who took eggs for breakfast left them satisfied and thus eating less for 36 hours than their counterparts who took bagel for breakfast. Similarly, another 8 week study involving the duo proved that those who took eggs for breakfast loss more weight than those who took bagels. Eggs’ yolk are rich source of protein with less calorie level which makes it possible to feel satisfied at the expense of body weight loss.

Leafy Greens

Vegetables such as spinach, Swiss chards and kale are perfect weight losers due to their low calorie and carbohydrate content. The fiber levels increase consumption leaving one thus satisfied for longer hours. According to studies, greens are laden with substantial amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which not only serve to reduce weight loss but are also known to enhance general body health.


Among other nutrients salmon and other oily fishes contain a significant amount of proteins and fats which guarantee generally body healthy. Salmon also boosts a high iodine reserve. Iodine is particularly important for proper functioning of thyroid gland which allows for effective metabolism. The omega 3 reserve in salmon has also been known to reduce inflammation, key contributor to metabolic diseases and obesity.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Some of these vegetables include cauliflowers, cabbages and the broccoli. Just like the leafy greens these vegetables tend to contain decent amounts of protein and fiber. And though they don’t stand proteins from legumes and animals they remain better choice for weight loss comparison to other vegetables. The high amounts protein, fiber together with low energy density creates satisfaction for longer hours thus allowing for weight loss. Putting the weight issue aside, these vegetable reduces chances of persons contracting cancer due to presence of cancer fighting substances

Lean Beef & Chicken Breast

This combination so far forms the highest protein content in our list. High protein content in the body not only guarantees satisfaction but has also been proven to burn between 80 and 100 calories per day. 25 to 30% protein increment in diets normally reduce appetite by 60%, cut late – night eating by 50% leading to a loss of a pound weight in a week. Depending on diet, those in low-carbohydrate diet are advised to take fatty meats whereas the high-carbohydrate diet should consider taking lean meats.

Boiled Potatoes

Despite the fact that boiled potatoes play significant roles in weight reduction they harbor a variety of nutrients ideal for optimal health: one of those being potassium which plays a vital role in control of blood pressure. In relation to satisfaction, the satiety index ranked it as the most fulfilling food. Boiling potatoes and allowing them to cool results to formation of resistant starch (fiber like substance). The resistant starch creates feeling of satisfaction leading to less consumption of other foods resulting to a weight loss. Apart from potatoes, other members from the same family that will guarantee weight loss include: sweet potatoes, root vegetables, and turnips.

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