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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to Lose Fat Without Losing Energy

Lose Fat Without Losing Energy

Lose Fat Without Losing Energy
Lose Fat Without Losing Energy

There is a method using a product which is normally produced in our body, to increase the melting of the fat with at least 40%. Naturally, the pyruvate is produced by the degradation of glucose, and has an important role in energy production in the body.

Chemically, pyruvate is synthesized from calcium and pyruvic acid. Itself pyruvic acid is unstable, but when combined with sodium or calcium, to give stable pyruvate. In our body pyruvate is a substance that is produced daily in the absorption of carbohydrates (sugars and starches), therefore this role he is the source of energy and endurance during training facilitates and accelerates the transport of glucose into muscle cells and increases their energy efficiency.

Lose Fat Without Losing Calorie

Optimal performance with minimal preparation is reducing calorie intake, increasing physical activity and you will see the natural reduction of subcutaneous fat, stimulated by the activity of calcium pyruvate. Pyruvate significantly increases endurance, which is particularly useful for swimmers, cyclists, tennis players and other sports associated with considerable physical endurance.

Calcium pyruvate helps bodybuilders to lose fat, without loss of tone and energy. The main advantages of pyruvate are fat burning, improving endurance during exercise, suppressing fat accumulation, fat burning without tone and energy. Calcium pyruvate accelerates the conversion of sugars and starches into energy. Studies show that calcium pyruvate stimulates the melting of fat and comes quickly in almost all cells of our body. It is assumed that, the optimum pyruvate dosage is about 6 grams per day.

After adoption of calcium pyruvate by the digestive system, it falls in the liver, where it is decomposed into several different products depending on the conditions of the reaction, in the acetyl-coenzyme A, lactate, can be converted into L-alanine also. Besides – by the enzyme pyruvate carboxylase may be converted into oxaloacetate, which is, a starting material for the production of glucose and glycogen. Calcium pyruvate has no serious side effects.

These can be observed in significantly exceeded the doses (5 and more times). Expressed in flatulence and stomach upsets. With calcium pyruvate as a supplement, you will speed up the process of burning fat that, are retained in the body, such as pyruvate makes them readily soluble for use as fuel. Furthermore, the energy released causes the body to function more efficiently and helps exercise. Intake of calcium pyruvate as a supplement does not reduce the production of pyruvate in the body itself.

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