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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The importance of family in a person's life.

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They say the family, the mirror of man in society. The importance of family life, is to ensure that the construction and establishment of you as a person. Healthy personality, best family, society and the guarantee of the right of the nation.

At the dawn of civilization, people have tried to live together in groups, tribes or families, for the physical, emotional and community support. Over the centuries, the concept of family has undergone various transformations and changes, but the essence of life and must be retained throughout the world.

Pause for a few seconds and ask yourself:  "Why do you work so hard? What makes you do it day after day? “Most readers may say, “Family”, and point out many reasons to validate the answer. But what is a family? All we inherit physical attributes from our parents. The importance of family in a person's life, it's hidden in the theory of social influence. They are a place where we begin the life processes of socialization of our children, teach them how to survive and thrive in the world. Values ​​such as patience, caring, understanding and commitment, which are laid in the family distinguish you as a person from the rest. If you are a successful person, I mean not only the monetary sense, in most cases, this is due to the family and its effect on you, at certain moments of life.

Providing basic needs

It is not difficult to conclude that your family was the first object that provided the basics needed to survive, as soon as you were born. After being born, we are unable to survive on their own, and in most cases, only by the family and the love we have been fed. Love is the only source of happiness and that the family is an inexhaustible resource. Peaceful and safe environment is vital for a child to become independent in the future and properly configured personality. Prosperous, loving and understanding family, will ensure your child is bright and successful future.

Transfer of experience and interaction with society

Every family creates the right environment in which you implement and use your abilities, potential, learn to speak, understand, and cope with the physical world around them. This is where you will see the family working, watching your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, other family members interact with each other.

Over time, you begin to observe and ripe to study the interaction with people, how your family members live in the community. Family is important, this is the moment of life, show what a healthy relationship and how to build them,  what love  and care. You will also teach what family means solves problems to cope with the ups and downs of life. Therefore, the family acts as an emotional refuge for individuals, during a personal crisis.

Instilling values ​​and personal qualities in the family

Everything that you learned in the family, as a child, it is your value system, and generates a perception framework for action. It's not a rule, but being not formed a party person and closely interacting groups, it will seem right to do what your parents do.

In a true sense, a man is known by his actions. Have you ever noticed that your deeds, actions confirm the main important values ​​acquired within the family? A study was conducted, which involved a half thousand students, they were asked:  "What are you doing in the family happy every day?” A smaller part of the answer that toys, automobiles, televisions, and other tangible assets. Most of the children said that a happy family is one in which all the issues and cases are solved jointly, which again confirms our words.

Each time, coming home, we are waiting for a hug and encouragement in grief or trouble. Indeed, strong families genuinely care about each other, creating a sense of well-being and mutual care.
The importance of family has repeatedly proved, family life can bring us great joy, but also excruciating pain, depending on how the development of personal relationships. A healthy marriage and family, can be a valuable resource that would help us to cope with the challenges that life presents. Abused or unhealthy relationship can create terrible problems that persist and are passed from one generation to the next, be careful and solve such problems immediately.

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